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The first foray into the drainage industry began in 1987, where the boss of Instant Drains spent a few years working for a major drain company. Despite enjoying the line of work with this company, the prices that were charged for the services did not sit comfortably with him. Customers paid extortionate rates for their drain services and that these engineers were advised to prolong jobs to receive such fees.

Over the years, this ethos was something that he grew increasingly dissatisfied with, which resulted in him leaving the company and establishing Instant Drains. After extensive training in plumbing and becoming a Gas Safe registered engineer, he gained the knowledge to begin his own company. By investing heavily in the leading industry machinery and equipment, he was equipped with the suited armoury of any reputable drain maintenance specialist.

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Since Instant Drains' foundation, it has gone from strength to strength and has established themselves as a leading company in the drainage industry. We have adopted a strong customer based ethos, where we pride ourselves on supplying customers with a professional and cost-effective service. Where expert advice is required, we are on hand to provide them with the knowledge of how to prevent these issues from re-occurring.

Instant Drains is a family-run business, which means that we will always seek to provide a reliable and honest service. With great pride and passion for our line work running throughout the family, you can rest assured that you will benefit from our encyclopaedic knowledge of drainage and plumbing.

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